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Links to other companies or organisations that we like:
The Psoriasis Association - A Website full of information about how you can treat psoriasis, what may trigger it off, the different types of psoriasis that can affect you and much much more.
The National Eczema Society - This link will take you straight to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page which is full of eczema info. The site has the facts on available treatments, changing your diet, things to avoid and fund raising activitys.
The Vegetarian Society - Another fantastic information resource. Competitions, Recipies, Lifestyle advice & ideas. The site features plenty of news and info, and lots to get involved with.
Vegan Society - Food, Facts, Nutrition, Lifestyle - this site is packed with brilliant information. Food ideas, Animal Care & Information, Lifestyle information, Vegans and the environment and lots more. A great site to look around if you or your friends are vegan.
Visit Norfolk - The official webiste of tourism in Norfolk

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