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Enironmental Policy
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Environmental Policy

Green Credentials


We are now in our fourteenth year and have built up an established name as makers of the highest quality soap, using traditional methods of production that have been around for thousands of years.  This involves the saponification of liquid oils to make a solid bar of soap,  using only plant derived oils.


We take great care, in the making of our soaps and what is put in them, or should I say, what is NOT put in them.  It is now common knowledge, that most of what goes in to making modern mass produced toiletries can be toxic and therefore potentially very harmful for us to use. We all want environmentally sound, honest products.


Our production methods require very little energy or resources, have no toxic waste and are biodegradable.  We recycle everything, i.e. containers, cardboard etc and even recycle and reuse discarded supermarket plastic trays to dry, mature and store our soap in. 


We DO NOT use any of the incredible array of chemicals such as parabens; petrochemical derivatives, artificial colours, sulphates and synthetic fragrances etc.  We use only natural smells from plant extracted essential oils.  Our base oils are; olive, coconut and rapeseed.  It has recently become clear, that the use of palm is a sensitive issue.  We do not use palm oil.


We DO NOT use plastic packaging.  When you buy Handmade Norfolk Soaps you are not paying for excessive, expensive packaging, import costs, advertising budgets, shareholders profits, distribution costs or high rates and rents.  We DO NOT have these large overheads.  All the value is in the product.  This ensures that not only do we make the best quality soaps available anywhere, they are also affordable to everyone.


We support local farmer co-operatives and source as much locally as possible.  We also provide much needed, well paid jobs for rural people in Norfolk with flexible hours to fit around school times and holidays.


Without sounding too virtuous, our green credentials are in good shape,we do not compromise and will always be striving to improve upon methods and product.


NO sodium lauryl sulfate
NO detergents
NO petrochemicals or mineral oils
NO parabens or propylene glycol
NO animal derived ingredients
NO synthetic emulsifier fillers
NO artifical colours or preservatives
NO chemical fragrances

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