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A 5 bar apothecary box of soaps. Bars filled with vitamin C and healing herbs. 


Witch Hazel soap. It has been used for centuries, for its strong healing qualities. This anti-inflammatory helping fight infections such as acne, spots, eczema, cuts, sensitive skin, sun burn or bruises, that irritate the skin. This plant has yellow flowers throughout the winter and brings colour to the colder months. Witch Hazel has a long history of medicinal use, noted for its astringent and healing properties.


Honey and oats soap.  This is not a vegan friendly soap as it contains honey.

Oats are good for exfoliating the skin, emollient properties keeping the skin soft.


Calendula soap. Traditionally, calendula has many skin healing medicinal uses. An extraordinary, gentle moisturising soap, suitable for everyone, including the most delicate skin.


Rosehip soap. Rosehip is reputed to be a wonder oil, with staggeringly high essential fatty unsaturated acids known as vitamin F. It also contains omega 3, omega 6, and natural retinol acid vitamin A. Rosehips are also an important source of vitamin C, with an even higher content than citrus fruit. Recent studies have shown Rosehip oil to be a powerful cell regenerator, that could help the appearance of ageing and wrinkles. This is a wonderful oil for soap, a nourishing treatment for all types of skin.


Lavender soap. Lavender derives from the Latin wordlavare,which means to wash. It has been a favourite bath time cleanser since the ancient Romans, because of its powerful antiseptic qualities. This scent is gently floral which some people find relaxing, it has been known to help with headaches and insomnia. Our essential oil comes from a farmer’s co-operative, that has been growing and distilling Lavender in Norfolk for many generations. Lavender was voted the number one aroma in the world.



Apothecary 5 Bar Box

SKU: 109
  • Lavender soap    sodium cocoate (coconut oil), aqua, sodium rapeseedate, sodium olivate (olive oil), lavandula augustifolia (lavender essential oil & lavender flowers)  90g

    Calendula soap   sodium cocoate (coconut oil), aqua,  sodium rapeseedate, sodium olivate (olive oil), calendula officinalis   90g

    Honey and oats soap     sodium cocoate (coconut oil), aqua,  sodium rapeseedate,  sodium olivate (olive oil), styrax tonkinensis (benzoin resinoid), avena sativa (oats), and honey.   not vegan   90g

    Witch hazel soap      sodium cocoate (coconut oil), aqua, sodium rapeseedate, sodium olivate (olive oil), rosmarinus officinals, thymus serpyllum, juniperus communis, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), mentha piperita, styrax tonkinensis,  90g

    Rosehip soap     sodium cocoate (coconut oil), aqua, sodium rapeseedate, sodium olivate (olive oil), cymbopogon martini (palma rosa essential oil), rosa rubiginosa (rosehip oil).    90g


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