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Oranges and mandarins piled high in bowls remind me of christmas. The christmas stocking not complete unless a mandarin was found in the toe, and the amazing scent as you pealed off the skin. Perfection. A warm bath and this soap.....can't get any better.

In aromatherapy mandarin oil is used for skin repair and regeneration. The oils are taken from kilos of fresh fruit, bursting with vitamin C.     2 bar box

No palm oil

No sodium lauryl sulphate

No artificial fragrance

No plastic

No parabens


No artificial colours

No testing on animals

Handmade in the UK

Wintry Mandarin Sweet Orange Christmas Soaps 2 bar box

SKU: 81
  • sodium cocoate (coconut oil), aqua, sodium rapeseedate, sodium olivate (olive oil),  citrus sinensis (orange oil), citrus reticulata   90g

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